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In 2021 four Ag Societies and their county fairs have come together to add something exciting for the drivers in an effort to try and attract new, past, or current drivers to attend their races and increase car counts.  Fillmore County, Saline County, York County, and Seward County have teamed up to create the Quad County Points Championship.  Each county has put in $2,500 toward the final prize money of $10,000 that will be handed out at the last race in Seward. 


Want a chance at the $10,000 in prize money? 

All you have to do is show up and compete in all 4 of the races that are part of the Quad County Points Championship.  All three classes will be eligible for prize money!  


Drivers will earn points based on their finishes at these four figure 8 races.  Tracking of points will be the same as current NeFigure8n Points System.​ 

The checks will be distributed two ways.  The top two drivers in the Quad County Points Champions in all three classes will receive prize money described below. 


Open 1st and 2nd $1000 each

Stock 1st and 2nd $1000 each

Compacts 1st and 2nd $500 each


The remaining $5,000 will be split into 10 - $500 checks that will be given away in a random draw format.  All remaining drivers who didn't finish in the top 2 in their class and competed* in all four of the events will be entered into the drawing; with 10 additional drivers being drawn randomly and receiving a $500 check! 

Additional Details:​​

  • One entry per car​

    • If a car is running in both classes, it is not eligible to earn prize money from both classes.  A class must be chosen prior to the first race. 

  • Same driver must run car all four races to be eligible for prize money

  • If a driver competes in both classes in different cars (has a car for each class) they would have a chance to win 2 of the checks whether by winning the points or being in the random draw twice.

  • If there is a tie in points at the end of 4 races, below are the tie breakers:

1. Most Quad County Event Wins

2. Most Quad County Feature Top 5's

3. Most Quad County Features

4. Average Quad County Feature Finish

5. Overall NeFigure8n Points

*Competing consist of a qualified car that passes inspection making at least 1 lap during a heat race

This is all in addition to our normal NeFigure8n Points series awarded at the final race.

Quad County Championship Schedule

July 11th -  Fillmore County Fair - Geneva

July 15th - Saline County Fair - Crete

August 7th - York County Fair - York

August 8th - Seward County Fair - Seward​