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$10,000 in prize money up for grabs with the Quad County Championship in 2021.  Check out all of the detail here.\quadcounty

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The Bergmark Auctioneering Compacts have been added as a 3rd class at NeFigure8n races.  The new class will be an entry level class that will give competitors new to the sport of figure 8 racing a chance to build a car fairly cheap and be able to take it to the track and race at their local count fairs.  They will also compete for NeFigure8n points and have champions crowned at the end of the year just like the Open and Stock classes do.  NeFigure8n is excited to get this class added to the racing action and see it grow.

Wanted to get started building a car?  Check out the Rules!

Compact Rules  


Becker Announces Final Figure 8


If you have attended the York County Fair Figure 8 or Derby in the last 30 years you know who Doug Becker is.  Doug has been announcing the events at the fair for the last 30 plus years.  2019 is set to be his last.  During the intermission of the 2019 Figure 8, York County Fairboard member Matt Rathjen presented Becker with a plaque for his time announcing at the fair.  Becker also announced at the Saline County Fair and Fillmore County Fair events.  Thanks for all of your years announcing our race Doug!

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