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Host a Race

Interesting in hosting a NeFigure8n race at your county fair? 

If you are considering hosting a Figure 8 Race at your county fair this is the place for you to get some unanswered questions you might have about NeFigure8n and Figure 8 racing.  

Figure 8 racing has been happening in Nebraska since the mid 90's.  The sport has changed a lot over the years but what hasn't changed is the intense and actioned packed racing that occurs.  If you haven't been to a figure 8 race it is exactly what you imagine cars racing in an 8 where the drivers cross the intersection with other competitors driving at them trying to do the same thing.  NeFigure8n was formed in 2008 by drivers to assist in promoting figure 8 within the state Nebraska.  Today NeFigure8n with the assistance of the drivers creates a set of rules, operates a points series to encourage participation, maintains a professional looking website, and video record all races to be shared on our website and social media pages.  

In addition NeFigure8n also assists each fair with promoting their figure 8 event

  • By posting a schedule with race information on our website

  • Share a schedule of all figure 8 events on social media page

  • Share your social media post in addition to our own post about your event

  • Work with you to provide any details you want to share about your event

  • Record video and post on YouTube

  • Share results on website and social media

Our drivers are great about sharing these posts to help spread the word about events.  

Our sponsors and drivers have also done things to help at events including giving away a NeFigure8n coloring books created by the drivers, having trophy kids, or candy dashes during intermission.  All help assist with giving spectators to your fair a great experience with the hope they will come back year after year.

About the racing we have three classes of cars Open, Stock, and Compacts all with different rules regarding how they are built.  Open is our fastest and has the least rules with Stock being a step below with more build rules but cheaper than the Open class to compete then the Compact class is our beginner class and a cheaper build.  In 2023 we averaged 38 total cars per show ranging from mid 30's to low 40's at every show.

Interested in having a figure 8 at your fair?  If you are familiar with putting on Demolition Derbies we utilize the same arena and race around two tractor tires.  Everything else is very similar. 

  • Find an officiating group to officiate your race

  • Provide equipment to prep and maintain track throughout the night

  • Equipment to remove stalled cars

  • Provide purse money

  • Trophies for winners  

We would love to add your fair or event to our schedule.  If you have any questions please contact us at or give Michael Wize a call at 402-651-1029 to discuss.

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