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Point System

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Points System Explained

The NeFigure8n Points system was established to encourage drivers to attend more NeFigure8n races by accumulating points throughout the year.  The drivers with the most points accumulated at the end of the year is crowned the NeFigure8n Champion for that year.  


Every driver competing in a NeFigure8n Race is eligible and earns points

Every NeFigure8n Race is part of the Points Series and drivers can earn points at any of them


Points Structure

In 2018 a driver is able to run 8 different races.  The worst points nights will be dropped from the total points accumulated with the points making up the drivers best 7 races.  If a race isn't attended a 0 is giving and would qualify for one of the drivers lowest points nights.


  • Drivers are awarded 20 points for running at least their heat races. 

  • If a driver makes a feature 8 additional points are awarded to the race total.  Last place in the feature will be awarded 28 points for that race.

  • Each additional spot in the feature will be awarded 3 additional points per finishing position.


Points Example

Below is a couple different examples of how points are distributed based on car count in the feature.  All cars not making the feature are awarded 20 points.

12 Car Feature

10 Car Feature

Tie Breakers

In the event of a tie in the points standings the following tie breakers will be used.


1. Most Feature Wins

2. Most Feature Top 5's

3. Most Features

4. Most Races Attended

5. Average Feature Finish


Rookie of the Year

Drivers who have competed in less than 6 NeFigure8n/Nebraska Figure 8 events in their career will be eligible to compete for Rookie of the Year honors.  If a driver is moving from Stock to Open or ProMod they will be eligible to run for Rookie of the Year in those classes.  The Rookie of the Year points will be the exact same as normal NeFigure8n points structure.  


To win Rookie of the Year a rookie driver needs to compete in a minimum of 5 races during the year to be eligible for the year end award.  If no driver fits into this category no award will be presented.

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